Are you Living Your Life Exactly as Planned?

If you are living your life exactly as planned then you’re probably pretty boring!  In fact you’re probably a Chicken!

Ya I know you’re supposed to set goals and measure your progress and all that – but every once in a while you just have to stop being so darn boring – and live on the edge!

  • If your great passion in life is to live your life on a cautious path that will more or less just work out – does that get the most out of your life?  
  • If you have never experienced failure does that mean your life has been a success?  Aren’t failures and setbacks how we grow?
  • Don’t we learn to walk by falling down a bunch of times?  
  • Wrapping ourselves in bubble wrap and tip toeing our way across the finish line – is that how we succeed in life?  

As parents what are we teaching our children when we say ‘just go out there and have fun and you will get a beautiful participation ribbon no matter what the results are’!  I’m all for doing stuff for the fun.  In fact I believe we should try hard to only do things that we enjoy most of the time.  But why do you need a participation ribbon for having fun?  Isn’t having fun fun enough?  Kind of seems like all we are doing is encouraging mediocrity in that formula.  Are we teaching a lack of appreciation which results in a lack of understanding of the true meaning of Gratitude.  Does it teach that the only way we can appreciate something is if someone gives us a ribbon.  Doesn’t having a misunderstanding of the true meaning of Gratitude result in a life that is no fun.  Always wanting more but never being Grateful for what you have achieved because you never got another ribbon.  Does the ribbon attempt to fill the void that is left as a result of the lack of Gratitude for what is meaningful.  The meaning of fun.  The meaning of success.  

If you are not applying yourself to your maximum God given talent.  If you are not trying to excel at whatever you are Blessed with.  Then that expresses a lack of Gratitude for the life that you have been given.  If you aren’t truly Grateful for the life that you are given how can you possibly be grateful for things of less importance than your own life, or in other peoples lives.  Or other people’s possessions.  Things that are less important than your own life is pretty much everything else that evolves around your life.  We should be encouraging Gratitude, not taking it away.    

You are lying to yourself if you are not becoming the best possible you that you should be. Being the best you that you should be is what is expected from you when you were put on this earth.  The initial expectation was never any less than that.  Why would you allow that expectation to change?

Stop being a chicken and start experiencing new things.  The first step is to make a commitment.  Commit to something that you have never done before.  Commit to something that someone else has done, or is doing, and you always wished that was you.  Stop the excuses like ‘I don’t know enough about it’ or ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I can’t afford it’ or the worst excuse ever ‘I don’t have the time’.  The unfortunate fact is you don’t have the time not to experience life to the fullest.

If you live each day with fear in it then at some point you end the day where you began the start of the day – back in bed with your covers pulled up over your head.    

Life is supposed to be a continuous hurdle race.  The steps you take after each hurdle prepares you for the next hurdle.  The difference between life and a hurdle race is that the distance between each hurdle and the height of each hurdle varies, unlike in a race.  And we are each running a different length of race.  

Is it best to stop and whine or take self-pity on ourselves every time we knock down a hurdle. Does that give us the momentum to make it over the next hurdle?  Of course not.  It does the complete opposite.  Instead you get stopped in your tracks and hurry back to the start line so you can watch the others finish with their arms in the air.  And as you stand there you wonder why you didn’t get a ribbon.   

This does not mean that you run through life in reckless abandonment.  It means that you continuously challenging yourself to grow your well-being, your knowledge and your financial successes.  Overcoming hurdles in each of these three areas of your life will reward you with a life that is a success.  Success in the way that you measure it.  The success that your life was meant to have.  

Stop living your life exactly as planned.  Stop flapping your wings and back peddling every time you come close to the next hurdle.  Stop continually circling back to the start line because you were too chicken to jump the next hurdle.

Stop living your life exactly as planned.

And rest assured – your life will not be boring! 

Whatever we are doing in life we are giving our life for it – Life is extraordinary – make your investment in it extraordinary – Lee Brower

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