Taking Yourself Seriously

“It’s your outlook on life that counts. If you take yourself lightly and don’t take yourself too seriously, pretty soon you can find the humor in our everyday lives. And sometimes it can be a lifesaver.”  – Betty White

“Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously” – this is a quote heard often with the implication that we put too much pressure on ourselves, we don’t laugh at ourselves, we don’t enjoy life to the fullest.

What happens when we don’t take ourselves seriously, and we end up in a situation that is sucking the life out of us?  When we become codependent on satisfying someone else?  When we have succumbed to the master who is treating us like dirt?  Allowing yourself to be treated like a doormat is not taking yourself seriously.

At what point do we look at ourselves and take us seriously?  We are human, and we deserve to be treated with respect and dignity – by ourself and by others.  How do we pull ourselves out of the trenches in order that we can recognize our value and live life?

Life experiences have taught me that we begin by Admitting we are powerless over the situation that has us strapped down.  Pour Faith into a Higher Power; that this Power will guide us if we allow it.

When you have Faith, then you begin to Believe …… in yourself, in your spirit, your faith, and your value.  Believe that your Higher Power loves you unconditionally, in the same way that you should love yourself.

As you begin to Believe in yourself, your Trust in yourself will become a reality.  Trust, also, that your Higher Power will be there to guide you and show you the way.

Cultivate relationships with people that understand your situation, and provide you with support, guidance and the tools that you need.  Relationships that serve you according to your needs will give you strength as you learn to Believe in yourself.  These relationships may be very different than relationships with a “cheerleader” who carry you along with fluff and kind words.

Each of us was given the gift of life to celebrate.  It is our own responsibility to take ourselves seriously to ensure that we are treated with respect and dignity; and when we do, we will find love and laughter in our own lives and learn not to take life too seriously.

Written by Bev Fedoriuk

“Without God, man cannot; without man, God will not. If I don’t take some sort of action, my Higher Power does not have anything to work with.”  Quoted from Today’s Hope