Our Why

Rewriting the Book on Wealth

Sageview Strategies Inc. took root when Bev and Dwayne realized that their own definition of meaningful wealth had become misaligned.

After nearly 30 years of working in the financial services industry, and counselling clients on wealth creation and wealth preservation, they realized that the focus and direction of the traditional financial planning platform is misaligned.  It’s focus is entirely on the growth of a person’s worth in one area – their finances.  This focus creates imbalance, or emptiness in other areas of an individual’s life.  Areas that money cannot buy.  Areas that the vast majority of people would not give up under any circumstances.  Areas that are more meaningful than money alone.

As a result of this realization, a new seed was planted, and Sageview Strategies Inc. was created.  While Finances and Wealth are important, we must not forget to keep them balanced with our Personal Well-Being and our Wisdom.  Achieving balance and growth within our WealthWell-being and Wisdom is the ‘Why’ of Sageview Strategies Inc.  It’s the reason we were created.  It’s the reason we ask that you grow your wisdom and learn more about our strategies.  You can decide if our realization is in line with your future vision of success.

The Sageview Strategies website is a collection of thoughts and ideas of how to live a good and balanced life.  We hope you find value in what is shared.   


“Wealth should not be measured by big investment accounts, big homes and fancy suits alone.  Meaningful wealth is a result of self recognition of the true value of oneself.  Meaningful wealth is valuing, investing in and growing your well-being, your wisdom and your financial assets in a balanced way.  –  Bev & Dwayne Fedoriuk

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