Succession Planning Strategy

Succession planning requires an understanding of the family and farm goals as they relate to the transfer and succession of a farm business.  A successful succession plan optimizes the relationship that the family has with their Core Values & Knowledge Assets.  Success is achieved when we orchestrate an efficient transition of Financial Assets along with a Meaningful Legacy.  Balance within these four areas creates an authentic succession strategy.

Each family farm is unique.  Each family farm member unique.  As a result, each succession plan that we engage in is unique.  Each step in our process is methodical in mindset, but flexible in action.  Our discussions will be centered around the Core Values of your Family, and how these Core Values connect with your Spiritual, Intellectual, Experience and Financial Well Being.

Our Farm Succession Planning Strategy   

  • Introductory Session
  • Family Collaboration Meeting
  • Business Vision, Objectives and Goals
  • Retirement Plan
  • Training and Development Plan for Successor(s)
  • Financial Analysis for Retirees and Successor(s)
  • Management Structure
  • Human Resource Requirements
  • Ownership Structure and Transition Process
  • Risk Management and Contingency Plan
  • Executive Summary
  • Detailed Summary
  • Plan Implementation Guidance
  • Ongoing Support

Through a collaborative process, The Sageview Succession Planning Strategy™ is designed to provide farming families with guidance and a thorough understanding of their succession vision.

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